Yunny Meas Vong

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The inhibitory effect of several muscarinic agonists on responses to sympathetic nerve stimulation of the isolated perfused ear artery of the rabbit was compared to that of acetylcholine in preparations pretreated with dyflos, cocaine and yohimbine. In general the potency of the agonists was similar to that observed at peripheral muscarinic sites except for(More)
1. The effect of temperature reduction on the interaction of carbachol (CCh) and McN-A-343 (McN) with muscarinic receptors in the guinea-pig taenia caeci was investigated. 2. McN, a partial agonist, acted on the smooth muscle to produce contraction. The response was unaffected by tetrodotoxin and the pKB for inhibition by pirenzepine was 6.8, indicating(More)
The effect of several muscarine receptor antagonists on responses to carbachol (CCh) and McN-A-343 (McN) were compared in the perfused rabbit ear artery preparation stimulated via noradrenergic nerves at 3 Hz in the presence of cocaine (10 μM) and yohimbine (1 μM). The slope of the dose-response curve to McN was significantly less (P<0.05) than that for CCh(More)
Os estudos sobre eletroquímica do diamante iniciaram-se há mais de quinze anos, com o primeiro artigo publicado nessa área, por Pleskov. Depois disso, pesquisas começaram no Japão, Estados Unidos, França, Suíssa e outros países, sendo que nos últimos anos o número de publicações aumentou consideravelmente. Filmes de diamante têm sido o objeto de aplicações(More)
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