Yunming Wang

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Doping polymer with AlOx via sequential infiltration synthesis enables bulk modification of triboelectric polymers with tunable electric or dielectric properties, which broadens the material selection and achieves a durable performance gain of triboelectric nanogenerators.
The synchronous model of concurrency has demonstrated its practicality for the design of circuits, embedded systems, reactive and distributed systems. This model allows to design systems around an idealized notion of deterministic concurrency, which is much easier to deal with than classical, nondeterministic, asynchronous concurrency. Compiling,(More)
Innovative photoresponsive materials are needed to address the complexity of optical control systems. Here, we report a new type of photoresponsive nanomaterial composed of graphene and a form-stable phase change material (PCM) that exhibited a 3 orders of magnitude change in electrical resistivity upon light illumination while retaining its overall(More)
The concept of synchronous programming has been proposed and widely accepted in the design of real-time systems, circuits, and embedded systems. Some recent researches have also proposed a mechanism to distribute a synchronous system over asynchronous networks. Meanwhile, Uml is also becoming a standard framework of object-oriented methodologies. Our(More)
Flexible infrared (IR)-responsive materials, such as polymer nanocomposites, that exhibit high levels of IR responses and short response times are highly desirable for various IR sensing applications. However, the IR-induced photoresponses of carbon nanotube (CNT)/polymer nanocomposites are typically limited to 25%. Herein, we report on a family of unique(More)
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