Yunming Hu

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Synaptic vesicle (SV) size is one parameter that controls the amount of neurotransmitter released from individual SVs and, therefore, is fundamental to our understanding of synaptic function. The recently discovered variability of mean SV size among excitatory hippocampal synapses -- if actively regulated -- is a potential mechanism for the regulation of(More)
A reliable and convenient marker of gene transfer in neurons is lacking for electron microscopy. To facilitate the use of molecular genetic approaches in such studies, we introduce the use of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) cDNA as a marker that identifies transfected neurons for correlated light and electron microscopy (EM). By flanking the cDNA with an(More)
Sickle cell anemia is characterized by chronic hemolysis coupled with extensive vascular inflammation. This inflammatory state also mechanistically promotes a high risk of lethal, invasive pneumococcal infection. Current treatments to reduce vaso-occlusive complications include chronic hydroxyurea therapy to induce fetal hemoglobin. Because hydroxyurea also(More)
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