Yunlu Zhang

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Two-dimensional (2D) porous carbon AC-SPN-3 possessing of amazing high micropore volume ratio of 83% and large surface area of about 1069 m(2) g(-1) is high-yield obtained by pyrolysis of natural waste Pistachio nutshells with KOH activation. The AC-SPN-3 has a curved 2D lamellar morphology with the thickness of each slice about 200 nm. The porous carbon is(More)
Metal organic framework (MOF) materials have attracted great attention due to their well-ordered and controllable pores possessing of prominent potentials for gas molecule sorption and separation performances. Organizing the MOF crystals to a continuous membrane with a certain scale will better exhibit their prominent potentials. Reports in recent years(More)
Crack free functionally graded material (FGM) Ti6Al4V-TiC has been fabricated by laser metal deposition (LMD) using TiC and Ti6Al4V powder which were premixed for different ratios. This study focuses on the influence of laser processing parameters and TiC compositional distribution on microstructure, Vickers hardness and phase. The microstructure is(More)
High entropy alloys are multicomponent alloys that have at least five different principal elements as alloying elements. Each of these elements has an atomic percentage between 5% and 35%. Typically, they form body-centered cubic (bcc) or face-centered cubic (fcc) structure and are known to possess excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance,(More)
TiB-reinforced Ti alloy composites have been laser deposited with pre-alloyed Ti-6Al4V-1B powder. The microstructure of the as-deposited and heat treated composites have been characterized in detail using scanning electron microscope (SEM). A homogeneous dispersion of needle-like TiB precipitates is formed in the Ti-6Al-4V α/β matrix. TiB precipitates(More)
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