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Chebyshev-Fourier moments for describing images were proposed. After definition of the moments, the multidistortion invariance of the moments was verified. The performance of the moments in describing images was investigated in terms of the normalized image-reconstruction error and the results of the experiments on the noise sensitivity are given.
We propose radial harmonic Fourier moments, which are shifting, scaling, rotation, and intensity invariant. Compared with Chebyshev-Fourier moments, the new moments have superior performance near the origin and better ability to describe small images in terms of image-reconstruction errors and noise sensitivity. A multidistortion-invariant(More)
We propose a novel type of multiplexed computer-generated hologram (MCGH) with irregular-shaped polygonal apertures and discrete phase levels. Each elementary cell forming the new MCGH is divided into a central aperture and several peripheral apertures. The new MCGH allows us to exploit the huge space-bandwidth product provided by standard lithography(More)
We report the experimental demonstration of optical stretching of individual bio-concave human red blood cells (RBCs) with one-dimensional jumping optical tweezers. We trapped a RBC in isotonic buffer solution in a conventional stationary single-beam gradient-force optical trap and discretely scanned the trapping beam with an acousto-optic modulator such(More)
The asymptotic closed-form solution to the fundamental diffraction problem of a linear horizontal Hertzian dipole radiating over the metallo-dielectric interface is provided. For observation points just above the interface, we confirm that the total surface near-field is the sum of two components: a long-range surface plasmon polariton and a short-range(More)
We present a new method to register high and low resolution color images of the retina as well as high resolution angiographies. The registration method is based on global point mapping with blood vessel bifurcations as control points. We also present results of various image fusion algorithms to determine the most appropriate one. Registration and fusion(More)
Cell mechanical activity generated from the interplay between the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the actin cytoskeleton is essential for the regulation of cell adhesion, spreading and migration during normal and cancer development. Keratins are the intermediate filament (IF) proteins of epithelial cells, expressed as pairs in a lineage/differentiation(More)
We calculate stress distribution on the surface of a spherical cell trapped by two counter propagating beams in the optical stretcher in the ray optics regime. We demonstrate that the local scattering stress is perpendicular to the spherical refractive surface regardless of incident angle, polarization and the reflectance and transmittance at the surface.(More)