Yunling Zhang

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BACKGROUND To date, the relationship between metabolic syndrome (MetS) and cognitive performance has not been well defined. This study aimed to explore the relationship between MetS and cognitive performance among Chinese elderly population. METHODS A cross-sectional study was performed, with data collected in seven clinical centers from five provinces of(More)
An approach is proposed for the extraction of the road three-dimensional feature efficiently and accurately. In this method, firstly, both the LiDAR data and the aerial images are pre-processed. Then, in order to obtain the spectral data to classify the LiDAR data with high accuracy, a data extraction procedure is employed which extract the converted pixel(More)
Prompt and accurate diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke is critical to seek acute therapy. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) science, there is a comprehensive system of diagnosis and medical care of acute ischemic stroke. Here we introduce a two-level model for the analysis of TCM syndrome of acute ischemic stroke. Owing to the limitation of sample size(More)
Objectives: Although it is widely observed that chronic insomnia disorder (CID) is associated with cognitive impairment, the neurobiological mechanisms underlying this remain unclear. Prior neuroimaging studies have confirmed that a close correlation exists between functional connectivity and cognitive impairment. Based on this observation, in this study we(More)
BACKGROUND Kudiezi (KDZ) injection is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as treatment for cerebral infarction and angina pectoris. The present study investigated the therapeutic effects of KDZ injection on myocardial injury induced by acute cerebral ischemia and the possibly protective mechanisms. METHODS Rats were divided into three groups:(More)
AIM The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) has been shown to be more sensitive in detecting executive dysfunction than the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). However, it is still not known whether all the MoCA executive subtests contribute to the superior sensitivity. Thus, the present study aimed to determine how much executive abnormality was(More)
Background and purpose: This study was undertaken to investigate the development changes of myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate (MARCKS) phosphorylation expression in acute ischemia hippocampus and cortex, to establish the relationship between these changes and ischemia damage. Methods: The acute multi-cerebral infarction model was established by(More)