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BACKGROUND The availability of complete genome sequences enables all the members of a gene family to be identified without limitations imposed by temporal, spatial or quantitative aspects of mRNA expression. Using the nearly completed human genome sequence, we combined in silico and experimental approaches to define the complete human nuclear receptor (NR)(More)
We describe an implemented system for touching 3D objects depicted in visual images using a two dimensional , force-reeecting haptic interface. The system constructs 3D geometric models from real 2D stereo images. The force f e edback at each position is computed to provide the sensation of moving a small ball over the surface of the 3D object.
We live in the genomic era of medicine, where a patient's genomic/molecular data is becoming increasingly important for disease diagnosis, identification of targeted therapy, and risk assessment for adverse reactions. However, decoding the genomic test results and integrating it with clinical data for retrospective studies and cohort identification for(More)
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