Yunli Chen

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Absfmcl-The IEEE 802.11e working group aims to enhance the current 802.11 MAC to support the integrated data and voice (or video) communications. Till now a draft of the IEEE 802.11e EDCF has been proposed. In this paper, we evaluate the performance of the EDCF by dividing the traffic into two categories, namely real-time packets and non real-time packets,(More)
We propose a new routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks for post-disaster road monitoring in this paper in which the wireless sensor nodes are arranged in a linear manner. It thus becomes necessary for the design of more efficient routing algorithms for such types of applications. Our new algorithm includes route establishment, packet forwarding and(More)
This paper first analyzes the delay and energy consumption mechanism of SMAC. Then it proposes an improved DC-SMAC protocol by replacing the fixed duty mechanism with adaptive duty cycle mechanism, which adopts a priority discriminant function to make the node with more packets have the priority to access channel. The simulation results show that the(More)
—In the IEEE 802.11, an exponential backoff has been adopted, which means whenever a collision occurs, the contention window (CW) of the station is doubled until it reaches the maximum value. The purpose of increasing CW is to reduce the collision probability by distributing the traffic into a larger time space. In this paper, we use a fixed contention(More)
This paper presents a novel scheme that provides high level of security and privacy in a Wireless Mesh Network (WMN). We combine an approach of Network Coding with multiple layered encryption of onion routing for a WMN. An added superior feature provides higher level of security and privacy. Sensitive network information is confined to 1-hop neighborhood(More)
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