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The lack of micronutrients such as iron and zinc is a widespread nutrition and health problem in developing countries. Biofortification is the process of enriching the nutrient content of staple crops. Biofortification provides a sustainable solution to iron and zinc deficiency in food around the world. Reports have highlighted the current strategies for(More)
Universal conventional DNA barcodes will become more and more popular in biological material identifications. However, in many cases such as processed medicines or canned food, the universal conventional barcodes are unnecessary and/or inapplicable due to DNA degradation. DNA mini-barcode is a solution for such specific purposes. Here we exemplify how to(More)
Ginsengs (Panax, Araliaceae) are among the plants best known for their medicinal properties. Many ginseng species are endangered due to over-exploitation of natural resources - a situation difficult to remedy while there are no reliable, practical methods for species identification. We screened eleven candidate DNA barcoding loci to establish an accurate(More)
A DNA barcode is a DNA fragment used to identify species. For land plants, DNA fragments of plastid genome could be the primary consideration. Unfortunately, most of the plastid candidate barcodes lack species-level resolution. The identification of DNA barcodes of high resolution at species level is critical to the success of DNA barcoding in plants. We(More)
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