Yunju Park

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SUMMARY As the IEEE 802.16e Wireless Metropolitan Access Network (WMAN) supports the mobility of a mobile station (MS), increasing MS power efficiency has become an important issue. In this paper, we analyze the sleep-mode operation for an efficient power saving mechanism for delay-guaranteed services in the IEEE 802.16e WMAN and observe the effects of the(More)
We propose a new power saving scheme based on a buffer-threshold and timer in wireless packet networks. In a standard sleep mode operation with a binary exponential algorithm, a mobile station (MS) can begin a wake period if it is aware of the existence of its own downlink packets during a listening interval. In a light traffic environment, this(More)
Four new heterometallic glutarate coordination polymers, [Eu2M(H2O)4][O2C(CH2)3CO2]4.2H2O (M = Mn (1), Fe (2), Co (3) and Ni (4)) have been obtained under hydrothermal synthesis. The single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses showed that they have two-dimensional frameworks based on the linear polyhedral chains consisting of two nine-coordinated Eu(III)O9(More)
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