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As the IEEE 802.16e Wireless Metropolitan Access Network (WMAN) supports the mobility of a mobile station (MS), increasing MS power efficiency has become an important issue. In this paper, we analyze the sleep-mode operation for an efficient power saving mechanism for delay-guaranteed services in the IEEE 802.16e WMAN and observe the effects of the(More)
Four new heterometallic glutarate coordination polymers, [Eu2M(H2O)4][O2C(CH2)3CO2]4.2H2O (M = Mn (1), Fe (2), Co (3) and Ni (4)) have been obtained under hydrothermal synthesis. The single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses showed that they have two-dimensional frameworks based on the linear polyhedral chains consisting of two nine-coordinated Eu(III)O9(More)
We propose a new power saving scheme based on a buffer-threshold and timer in wireless packet networks. In a standard sleep mode operation with a binary exponential algorithm, a mobile station (MS) can begin a wake period if it is aware of the existence of its own downlink packets during a listening interval. In a light traffic environment, this(More)
We present a generalized singular value decomposition (GSVD) based multi-user (MU) multi-stream multipleinput multiple-output (MIMO) precoding scheme with limited feedback. Our precoding scheme maximizes the signal to leakage and noise ratio (SLNR), so that it does not require any iterations to obtain precoding matrices. However, in MU-MIMO system, the(More)
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