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Meeting Inelastic Demand in Systems With Storage and Renewable Sources
We consider a system where inelastic demand for electric power is met from three sources: 1) the grid; 2) in-house renewables such as solar panels; and 3) an energy storage device. We formulate the storage operation problem as a dynamic program with parameters estimated from real-world demand, supply, and cost data. We explore algorithms based on approximate dynamic programming (ADP) and apply them to a test data set. Expand
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Leader-following Consensus of Nonlinear Delayed Multi-agent Systems with Randomly Occurring Uncertainties and Stochastic Disturbances under Impulsive Control Input
This paper investigates the leader-following consensus problem for a class of nonlinear delayed multiagent systems with randomly occurring uncertainties and stochastic disturbances under impulsive control inputs. Expand
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A Game Theoretic Approach to Phase Balancing by Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid
We propose a non-smooth non-cooperative game, where each PEV owner autonomously minimizes his/her charging cost minus the PB remuneration, considering decisions of other PEV owners. Expand
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Some criteria on pth moment boundedness of impulsive stochastic functional differential equations
This paper gives some Razumikhin-type theorems on pth moment boundedness of impulsive stochastic functional differential equations (ISFDEs) by using Razumikhin tenique and comparison principle. SomeExpand
Optimal Policy Characterization Enhanced Actor-Critic Approach for Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling in a Power Distribution Network
We study the scheduling of large-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging in a power distribution network under random renewable generation and electricity prices. The problem is formulated as aExpand