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A hierarchical inner-outer loop-based controller is proposed to solve the trajectory tracking problem of a small unmanned helicopter. The outer loop employs model predictive controller to track the reference trajectory, while the inner loop controller is designed by means of backstepping techniques that allow the stabilization of the attitude. The obtained(More)
In vision-based autonomous landing system of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), the efficiency of object detection and tracking will directly affect the control system. An improved algorithm of SURF (Speed Up Robust Features) will resolve the problem which is inefficiency of the SURF algorithm in the autonomous landing system of UAV. The improved algorithm is(More)
Object tracking algorithm based on Meanshift algorithm with fixed kernel bandwidth does not realize object tracking correctly with the scale of object changed. According to this, a scheme of kernel bandwidth adaptive adjustment and predictions of object cancroids based on Kalman filter is proposed in this paper. In this algorithm, Object location predicted(More)
The distribution of color histogram was directly affected by environment illumination. Therefore tracking effect of Camshift algorithm based on color histogram was directly affected. In this paper a self-adaptive compensation method was presented. This method could realize the self-adaptive compensation of awaiting detection image. In view of computational(More)
Multiple objects tracking is a challenging task. This article presents an algorithm which can detect and track multiple objects, and update target model automatically. The contributions of this paper as follow: Firstly, we use color histogram(HC) and histogram of orientated gradients(HOG) to represent the objects, model update is realized under the frame of(More)
The function of the comparing fingerprints algorithm was to judge whether a new partitioned data chunk was in a storage system a decade ago. At present, in the most de-duplication backup system the fingerprints of the big data chunks are huge and cannot be stored in the memory completely. The performance of the system is unavoidably retarded by data chunks(More)
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