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We have developed a high-throughput method for analyzing the methylation status of hundreds of preselected genes simultaneously and have applied it to the discovery of methylation signatures that distinguish normal from cancer tissue samples. Through an adaptation of the GoldenGate genotyping assay implemented on a BeadArray platform, the methylation state(More)
It is now possible to record the EEG continuously during fMRI studies. This is a very promising methodology that combines knowledge about neuronal activity and its metabolic response. The EEG recorded inside the fMRI scanner is, however,heavily contaminated by artifacts caused by the high intensity magnetic field and rapidly changing field gradients.(More)
We studied single-event and average BOLD responses to EEG interictal epileptic discharges (IEDs) in four patients with focal epilepsy, using continuous EEG-fMRI during 80-min sessions. The detection of activated areas was performed by comparing the BOLD signal at each voxel to a model of the expected signal. Since little is known about the BOLD response to(More)
Differential allele-specific expression has been observed in several genes involved in immunity. SP-A and OPN play a role in innate host defense. To determine whether SP-A and OPN are subject to differential allele-specific regulation, we investigated their gene or allele-specific expression in various tissues. The results showed: (1) Tissue-specific(More)
AIM To replicate the association of Nkx2-3 rs10883365 SNP with Crohn's disease in patients from a familial IBD registry from the central Pennsylvania area and study mRNA and protein expression of Nkx2-3 in CD patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS We genotyped the Nkx2-3 rs10883365 SNP in 75 CD patients,137 non-CD family members and 118 unrelated healthy(More)
NKX2-3 SNP rs11190140 is associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The T allele is over-transmitted in IBD and the C allele represents a potential CpG methylation site. We hypothesize that genetic variation and/or methylation of SNP rs11190140 may play a role in NKX2-3 gene expression by affecting transcription factor binding. We studied 233 IBD(More)
PURPOSE To replicate the association of IL23R R381Q (rs11209026) with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), examine the effect of the two nonsynonymous variations, Q3H and L310P, on IBD, and to study gender distribution of these variants in IBD patients. RESULTS IL23R R381Q was associated with Crohn's disease (CD) (P = 0.010), but not with ulcerative colitis(More)
Surfactant protein-D (SP-D) is expressed on mucosal surfaces and functions in the innate immune response to microorganisms. We studied the genetic association of the two nonsynonymous SP-D single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) rs721917 and rs2243639 in 256 inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) cases (123 CD and 133 UC) and 376 unrelated healthy individuals from(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in the methylation status of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)-associated genes could significantly alter levels of gene expression, thereby contributing to disease onset and progression. We previously identified seven disease-associated DNA methylation loci from intestinal tissues of IBD patients using the Illumina GoldenGate BeadArray(More)
BACKGROUND Nkx2-3 has been reported to be up-regulated in B cell lines and intestinal tissues from Crohn's disease patients and down-regulated in colorectal cancer. AIMS The purpose of the current study is to determine genes regulated by Nkx2-3 in sporadic (CRS61) and inflammatory bowel disease-associated (CRS4) colorectal cancer cell lines. METHODS(More)