Yunhu Zhang

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Use of statistical parametric mapping (SPM), which is widely used in analysis of neuroimaging studies with fMRI and PET, has the potential to improve quality of EIT images for clinical use. Minimal modification to SPM is needed, but statistical analysis based on height, not extent thresholds, should be employed, due to the 20-80% variation of the point(More)
It is high of commercial importance to generate the grain refinement in alloys during solidification by means of electromagnetic fields. Two typical patterns of electromagnetic fields, pulsed electric currents (ECP) and traveling magnetic field (TMF), are frequently employed to produce the finer equiaxed grains in solidifying alloys. Various mechanisms were(More)
We have been investigating the feasibility of radio-frequency RF, low-noise superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometers and gradiometers operating in liquid nitrogen at 77 K. Using flux-focusing structures fabricated from epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-chi films, we have attained a magnetic field resolution for a magnetometer of better than 200(More)
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