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With the security requirements of networks, biometrics authenticated schemes which are applied in the multi-server environment come to be more crucial and widely deployed. In this paper, we propose a novel biometric-based multi-server authentication and key agreement scheme which is based on the cryptanalysis of Mishra et al.'s scheme. The informal and(More)
—Research on sensor networks has become much more active and is currently being applied to many different fields. However since sensor networks are limited to only collecting and reporting information regarding a certain event, and requires human intervention with that given information, it is often difficult to react to an event or situation immediately(More)
Current electronic voting systems are not sufficient to satisfy trustworthy elections as they do not provide any proofs or confirming evidences of their honesty. This lack of trustworthiness is the main reason why e-voting is not widely spread even though e-voting is expected to be more efficient than the current plain paper voting. Many experts believe(More)
In the wireless sensor network, traditional key management scheme such as public key cryptography is not suitable due to the limitations in terms of computational power, energy supply, and network bandwidth. In order to balance the security and efficiency, we propose a secure and low cost key establishment scheme. Our scheme selects exchanging data randomly(More)