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We know that the goal of computer education was fully achieved by the application of project-based cooperative learning (PBCL in short) in computer education through organizing teaching experiments. Making full use of student's computer-oriented information technology in PBCL has more advantages than applying it to other subjects. Only by wholly expressing(More)
This paper establishes a framework for an analytical theory of short-run macroeconomic cycles with intersectoral migration of agricultural labor in a developing economy. It defines measurements for the migration and finds cyclical fluctuations in farmer migrations. Data show such fluctuations are much more important in some developing economy than(More)
This is the first Eastern center-based retrospective report on early complications and associated perioperative factors of nonsyndromic craniosynostosis (NSC). The authors' purpose is to tailor preoperative counseling, convey objective perioperative data, and determinants for early complications in NSC so as to enhance exchanges with international center.(More)
BACKGROUND During the past decades, surgical intervention has been the primary treatment modality for frontoorbital fibrous dysplasia involving optic nerve. However, controversy has surrounded the role of optic nerve decompression in a number of ways. Herein, we describe 3 patients with frontoorbital fibrous dysplasia involving optic nerve, who underwent a(More)
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