Yunguo Lin

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Belief revision is a focus of the research of artificial intelligence. How to revise uncertain belief is worth researching. Based on general fuzzy probabilistic aumann belief logic, the belief mental attribute of agent is considered, and two kinds of fuzzy probabilistic in a belief base are given, the classical partial meet revision is extended to fuzzy(More)
Genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm are the methods for solving winner determination problem in combinatorial auctions. Because of their mutual compensability: ant colony algorithm can make up for the shortage of feedback information and the slowness of solving solution in genetic algorithm, while genetic algorithm is able to enhance the speed of ant(More)
The forgetting has been found an important and wide application in computer science and AI, especially epistemic reasoning fields. In this paper, the notion of knowledge forgetting is proposed in Alternating-Time Temporal Epistemic Logic. The bisimulation of forgetting is established, and the related properties are showed. By the bisimulation, the semantics(More)
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