Yungui Chen

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Several studies have suggested that Otu domain had de-ubiquitinating activity and Tudor domain was important for the formation of germ cells. Here, we reported a novel zebrafish ovary-specific gene containing Otu and Tudor domain, z-otu, which was expressed at stages I-III oocytes and embryonic stages from zygotes to early blastula during embryonic cells(More)
The vasa (vas)-related gene encodes an RNA helicase protein member of the DEAD-box family and plays key roles in germ-cell formation in higher metazoans. Using degenerate PCR and RACE, we cloned the vasa gene of the rice field eel (Monopterus albus), which is homologous to the Drosophila vasa gene. We named it ma-vas (Monopterus albus vas). Ma-vas encodes a(More)
Using the digital differential display program of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, we identified a contig of expression sequence tags (ESTs) (Accession No. BM316936), which came from zebrafish ovary and testis libraries. The full-length cDNA of this transcript was cloned and further confirmed by polymerase chain reaction and sequencing.(More)
The "(-) lithium (Li) anode|organic anolyte + inorganic catholyte|solid-state cathode (+)" Li-O2/air battery based on an inorganic solid-state air cathode was fabricated with a simple method. The electrochemical performance and reaction products of the Li-O2/air batteries under pure O2 and ambient air were investigated, respectively. The inorganic Li-ion(More)
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