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Source separation of musical signals is an appealing but difficult problem, especially in the single-channel case. In this paper, an unsupervised single-channel music source separation algorithm based on average harmonic structure modeling is proposed. Under the assumption of playing in narrow pitch ranges, different harmonic instrumental sources in a piece(More)
Osmotic stress caused by drought and soil salinity is one of the factors that affect plant root system growth and development. Previous studies have shown that microtubule plays a critical role in plant roots response to osmotic stress, however, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. In the present study, the microtubule orientations in Arabidopsis roots(More)
Accurate and reliable classification of microscopic biopsy images is an important issue in computer assisted breast cancer diagnosis. In this paper, a new cascade Random Subspace ensembles scheme with reject options is proposed for microscopic biopsy image classification. The classification system is built as a serial fusion of two different Random Subspace(More)
Wavelet thresholding is an effective way of image denoising and enhancement. The most important issue in wavelet thresholding is how to find an optimal threshold. In this paper, an adaptive threshold selection technique is proposed and morphological operations to improve the denoised result are discussed. An image denoising and enhancement scheme based on(More)
Separation of voice and music is an interesting but difficult problem. It is useful for many other researches such as audio content analysis. In this paper, the difference between voice and music signals is carefully studied. It is proposed that the Harmonic Structure Stability is the key difference between them. A separation algorithm based on this theory(More)
Color and shape descriptions of an image are the most widely used visual features in content-based image retrieval systems. Feature vectors for shape and color can be combined to improve the performance of the content-based image retrieval systems. In this paper, a novel image retrieval method integrating HSV color quantization and curve let transform is(More)