Yungang Xu

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Existing methods for computing the semantic similarity between Gene Ontology (GO) terms are often based on external datasets and, therefore are not intrinsic to GO. Furthermore, they not only fail to handle identical annotations but also show a strong bias toward well-annotated proteins when being used for measuring similarity of proteins. Inspired by the(More)
MOTIVATION The rapid accumulation of microRNAs (miRNAs) and experimental evidence for miRNA interactions has ushered in a new area of miRNA research that focuses on network more than individual miRNA interaction, which provides a systematic view of the whole microRNome. So it is a challenge to infer miRNA functional interactions on a system-wide level and(More)
Many databases for soybean genomic analysis have been built and made publicly available, but few of them contain knowledge specifically targeting the omics-level gene-gene, gene-microRNA (miRNA) and miRNA-miRNA interactions. Here, we present SoyFN, a knowledge database of soybean functional gene networks and miRNA functional networks. SoyFN provides(More)
Since " Precision Medicine " was initially launched by President Obama, it presents a huge challenge and chance for the computational biology and biomedicine. In recent years, computational methods appeared vastly in the biomedicine and bioinformatics research, including medical image analysis , healthcare informatics, and cancer genomics. Lots of(More)
Cellular interactome, in which genes and/or their products interact on several levels, forming transcriptional regulatory-, protein interaction-, metabolic-, signal transduction networks, etc., has attracted decades of research focuses. However, such a specific type of network alone can hardly explain the various interactive activities among genes. These(More)
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