YungLan Tseng

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In this paper, assurance of proper downlink outage probability, which is a design criterion based on feasible femto base station (BS) density, is analyzed. Considering femto BS deployment, a 3-D Poisson model of random spatial distribution and stochastic geometry are used. From the study, a closed form of feasible femto BS density will be identified. The(More)
In this paper, start from the m-dimensional homogeneous Poisson Point Process (HPPP), we present a closed form expression for the log-value estimation of a random variable which follows generalized gamma distribution (ggd). Numerical results are provided to show the correctness of proposed closed form. The proposed closed form can be applied to the(More)
Femto base station (BS) is proposed in the next generation cellular communication systems to enhance the indoor coverage. Many researches had verified the advantages of femto BS through numerical simulation and field tests. However, there lacks a fast approach to estimate the throughput that femto BS would bring to the users. Based on the radio architecture(More)
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