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In traditional VSS schemes, the size of the share image is substantially expanded since each pixel of the secret image is mapped onto a block consisting of several pixels. In addition, the quality of the reconstructed secret image is normally degraded in contrast, especially for halftone images. This study proposes a VSS scheme that maps a block in a secret(More)
Ventilator weaning is the process of discontinuing mechanical ventilation from patients with respiratory failure. Ventilator support should be withdrawn as soon as possible when it is no longer necessary in order to reduce the likelihood of known nosocomial complications and costs. Previous investigation indicated that clinicians were often wrong when(More)
A simple Boltzmann-equation model for charge transport in semiconducting single-walled carbon nano-tubes (s-SWNTs) is developed with two adjustable parameters, the acoustic and optical phonon scattering lengths. The model predicts velocity saturation rather than current saturation in s-SWNTs at high bias, in agreement with a recent experiment. At moderate(More)
This work presents a portable Linux-based electrocardiogram (ECG) signals measurement and monitoring system. The proposed system consists of an ECG front end and an embedded Linux platform (ELP). The ECG front end digitizes 12-lead ECG signals acquired from electrodes and then delivers them to the ELP via a universal serial bus (USB) interface for storage,(More)
Tongue diagnosis is an important practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for diagnosing diseases before determining proper means of treatments. Traditionally, it depends solely on personal knowledge and experience of the practitioner, thereby being criticized as lacking of objectivity. Currently, no research regarding intra- and inter-agreements of(More)
Cytologic screening has been widely used for detecting the cervical cancers. In this study, a semiautomatic PC-based cellular image analysis system was developed for segmenting nuclear and cytoplasmic contours and for computing morphometric and textual features to train support vector machine (SVM) classifiers to classify four different types of cells and(More)