Yung-Yu Hsu

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Curved surfaces, complex geometries, and time-dynamic deformations of the heart create challenges in establishing intimate, nonconstraining interfaces between cardiac structures and medical devices or surgical tools, particularly over large areas. We constructed large area designs for diagnostic and therapeutic stretchable sensor and actuator webs that(More)
Stable pH is an established biomarker of health, relevant to all tissues of the body, including the heart. Clinical monitoring of pH in a practical manner, with high spatiotemporal resolution, is particularly difficult in organs such as the heart due to its soft mechanics, curvilinear geometry, heterogeneous surfaces, and continuous, complex rhythmic(More)
As microelectronic packaging industry grows explosively, high I/O density interconnects and reliable packaging design are recognized as the main concern of the IC packaging industry. Hence, in this investigation, a novel type of anisotropic conductive film (ACF) composed of cobalt nanowires and polymer was developed and used in place of conventional solder(More)
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