Yung Yang Liu

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The incidence of multiple primary malignancies has increased in recent decades. The present study attempts to determine the clinical characteristics, the smoking factor, prognosis and temporal relationship of lung cancer to other cancers in patients with multiple primary malignancies. A total of 193 patients with multiple primary cancers involving lung(More)
From reactor discharge to eventual disposition, spent nuclear fuel assemblies from a commercial light water reactor are typically exposed to a variety of environments under which the peak cladding temperature (PCT) is an important parameter that can affect the characteristics and behavior of the cladding and, thus, the functions of the spent fuel during(More)
A two-dimensional ANSYS/Fluent computational fluid dynamics model is constructed of an existing experiment that consists of a square 8x8 array of heater rods within a square cross section pressure vessel filled with helium. The model includes heat generation and conduction within the rods, conduction and radiation heat transfer across the helium between the(More)
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