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We show that fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) and FGF receptors are transiently expressed by cells of the pseudostratified ventricular epithelium (PVE) during early neurogenesis. A single microinjection of FGF2 into cerebral ventricles of rat embryos at E15.5 increased the volume and total number of neurons in the adult cerebral cortex by 18% and 87%,(More)
The factors that affect reliable estimations of mutation rates (mu) in cultured mammalian somatic cell populations by fluctuation analysis are studied experimentally and statistically. We analyze the differential effect of the final cell population size in each culture (Nt) and the number of parallel cultures (C) on the variation in the rate estimates (mu)(More)
Evaluating the effectiveness of using electroencephalogram power indices to measure visual fatigue " , Perceptual and Motor Skills, (2012). [SSCI] (accepted) Evaluating insole design with joint motion, plantar pressure and rating of perceived exertion measures " , Work: A Journal of Prevention, Constructing 3D human model from front and side images " , The(More)
The characteristics of leachate from a mature landfill site were investigated over a period of six years to provide useful information for the design and management of landfill leachate. Data analysis revealed that low carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollutants can be achieved with proper groundwater and surface water management and also recirculation of(More)
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