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Algorithms for evaluating the reliability of a complex system such as a multistate fault-tolerant computer system have become more important. They are designed to obtain the complete results quickly and accurately even when there exist a number of dependencies such as shared loads (reconfiguration), degradation, and common-cause failures. This paper(More)
This paper presents an efficient approach based on OBDD for the reliability analysis of a multi-state system subject to imperfect fault-coverage with combinatorial performance requirements. Since there exist dependencies between combinatorial performance requirements, we apply the Multi-state Dependency Operation (MDO) of OBDD to deal with these(More)
—The recent literature showed that, in many cases, Ordered Binary Decision Diagram (OBDD)-based algorithms are more efficient in reliability evaluation compared to other methods such as the Inclusion-Exclusion (I-E) method and the sum of disjoint products (SDP) method. This paper presents algorithms based on OBDD to compute system failure frequencies and(More)
A simple photovoltaic (PV) system capable of operating in grid-connected mode and using multilevel boost converter (MBC) and line commutated inverter (LCI) has been developed for extracting the maximum power and feeding it to a single phase utility grid with harmonic reduction. Theoretical analysis of the proposed system is done and the duty ratio of the(More)