Yung Kuei Soong

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Interleukin-1 (IL-1) is expressed in human endometrium and has been shown to play an integral role in local cellular interactions during implantation. In addition, the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) and its inhibitor, the tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (TIMP), are crucial during implantation, mediating in vitro tropho-blast penetration, and are(More)
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a life-threatening complication occurring in stimulated ovarian cycles, arises from treatment with gonadotropin for induction of follicular maturation in infertile women. Clinical characteristics of OHSS include ascites and pleural effusion induced by increased vascular permeability, where vascular endothelial(More)
The interleukin (IL)-1 system is a major regulator of local cellular interactions during embryonic implantation. Because IL-1beta and IL receptor antagonist (IL-1ra) are both expressed in human endometrium, we hypothesized that an appropriate ratio of IL-1beta to IL-1ra might favor the process of embryo implantation. Therefore, we investigated IL-1(More)
AIMS To investigate whether vaginal estrogen cream combined with tolterodine is more effective than tolterodine alone in the treatment of postmenopausal women with overactive bladder (OAB). MATERIALS AND METHODS This is an unblinded study without placebo. A preliminary study consisted of tolterodine 2 mg twice per day for 3 months had been conducted for(More)
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) is a potent immunomodulatory cytokine. Here we generated a novel codon-optimized murine GM-CSF gene as an adjuvant. The codon-optimized GM-CSF gene significantly increased protein expression levels in all cells tested. Although injection of the wild-type GM-CSF plasmids adjuvanted HIV-1 Gag DNA(More)
BACKGROUND A vast amount of literature describes the incidence of fracture as a risk for recurrent osteoporotic fractures in western and Asian countries. Osteoporosis evaluation and treatment after a low-trauma fracture, however, has not been well characterized in postmenopausal women in Asia. The purpose of this study was to characterize patient and health(More)
Seven patients with secondary amenorrhoea were diagnosed as having severe uterine synechiae by hysterosalpingography (HSG) and hysteroscopy, which revealed short, narrow and/or scarred uterine cavities as cone or column shapes. Laminaria tents were used to distend the uterine cavity prior to transcervical resectoscopy to completely dissect the dense(More)
In mammals, carcinoembryonic antigen cell adhesion molecules (CEACAMs) and pregnancy-specific glycoproteins (PSGs) play important roles in the regulation of pathogen transmission, tumorigenesis, insulin signaling turnover, and fetal-maternal interactions. However, how these genes evolved and to what extent they diverged in humans remain to be investigated(More)
The objective of the present study was to investigate the effects of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-1 (IGFBP-1) on the interaction between mouse embryos and endometrial stromal cells in co-culture systems. To explore quantitatively the changes in expression of IGFBP-1 mRNA from endometrial stromal cells cultured alone or co-cultured with(More)
BACKGROUND To test whether a site-specific hysteroscopic biopsy-induced injury in the endometrium during the controlled ovarian hyperstimulation cycle improves subsequent embryo implantation in patients with repeated implantation failure, a total of 30 patients who have had good responses to controlled ovulation stimulation but have failed to achieve(More)