Yung-Jui Ray Chen

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Development of an automated poultry inspection system that is low-cost, operates with minimum human intervention, and is able to maintain its accuracy is important to the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the poultry industry. Such a system, placed strategically in the processing plants, would help improve the inspection speed, minimize(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a practical visible light communication (VLC) system of 3.2-m transmission using spectrally efficient discrete multitone (DMT) or carrierless amplitude phase (CAP) modulation. The transmitters consist of two light emitting diodes (LEDs) spaced 2 m apart, the arrangement of which corresponds to a common case for full-range(More)
Because of breeding practices, visual determination of kernel morphology is becoming less dependable for classification of hard red wheat as winter or spring. Because of the price differential between these classes, it is important to develop rapid, accurate, and automatable alternative methods. This study was conducted to determine whether feedforward(More)
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