Yung Joon Jung

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Here we construct mechanically flexible and optically transparent thin film solid state supercapacitors by assembling nano-engineered carbon electrodes, prepared in porous templates, with morphology of interconnected arrays of complex shapes and porosity. The highly textured graphitic films act as electrode and current collector and integrated with solid(More)
Aerogels have numerous applications due to their high surface area and low densities. However, creating aerogels from a large variety of materials has remained an outstanding challenge. Here, we report a new methodology to enable aerogel production with a wide range of materials. The method is based on the assembly of anisotropic nano-objects(More)
Here we report direct observations of spatial movements of nanodroplets of Pb metal trapped inside sealed carbon nanocontainers. We find drastic changes in the mobility of the liquid droplets as the particle size increases from a few to a few ten nanometers. In open containers the droplet becomes immobile and readily evaporates to the vacuum environment.(More)
INTRODUCTION While 3D radial trajectories have proved effective in imaging the entire chest or torso, hybrid acquisitions which encode the in-plane k-space dimension radially and use Fourier encoding for the slice dimension have proven useful in coronary [1], functional cardiac [2], and peripheral vasculature imaging [3]. Hybrid acquisitions are(More)
INTRODUCTION The Chiari I malformation is characterized by the protrusion of the cerebellar tonsils into the foramen magnum. In theory, this abnormality creates disturbances in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow dynamics and pressure differentials in the spinal canal. Oftentimes, patients with a Chiari I malformation experience Valsalva-induced headaches.(More)
We consider the theory of time-dependent fluctuations in single molecule spectroscopy. In particular, the relation between stationary spectral diffusion processes and photon counting statistics is investigated. Within linear response theory, a general relation between Mandel's Q parameter and a three time dipole correlation function is obtained. For a(More)
image viewing comfort is one of the main problems that should be solved before the mass market proliferation of stereoscopic 3D content services. Recent research suggests that motion-in-depth could play a more important role in generating visual discomfort than lateral motion on vertical and horizontal axes in stereoscopic 3D displays [1,2,3]. However,(More)