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AIMS The aims of this study were to explore the extent of extemporaneous compounding in veterinary centres throughout New Zealand and to determine whether pharmacists could collaborate with veterinarians to improve this service in New Zealand. METHODS Questionnaires were sent to 200 randomly selected veterinarians in New Zealand. Semi-structured(More)
CONTEXT Vitamin D is purported to offer wide ranging and numerous health benefits leading to increased interest from manufacturers of medicines and dietary supplements. Elderly patients frequently require vitamin D supplementation due to reduced sun exposure and dietary intake. There are ever increasing numbers of vitamin D formulations in the global(More)
Diagnostic exome sequencing (DES) is a powerful tool to analyze the pathogenic variants leading to development delay (DD) and intellectual disability (ID). Recently, heterozygous de novo mutation of the histone acetyltransferase encoding gene KAT6B has been recognized as causing a syndrome with congenital anomalies and intellectual disability, namely(More)
In tetraplegia patients, activities of daily living are highly dependent on the remaining upper limb functions. In other countries, upper limb reconstruction surgery to improve function has been applied to diverse cases, but few cases have been reported in Korea. The current authors experienced a case of posterior deltoid-to-triceps tendon transfer and(More)
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