Yung-Hua Chu

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BACKGROUND Although the quadriceps muscles are known antagonists for the anterior cruciate ligament and the hamstring muscles are known agonists, the influence of the calf muscles on knee stability is not well understood. HYPOTHESIS The soleus muscle acts as an anterior cruciate ligament agonist and the gastrocnemius muscle acts as an anterior cruciate(More)
OBJECTIVES Few studies have examined the risk of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in asthmatics. We investigate the effects of asthma on the risk of ACS development in an Asian population. METHODS Asthma patients aged ≥ 18 years were identified, and asthma-free controls were randomly selected from the general population and frequency-matched according to(More)
BACKGROUND Studies on the association between leptospirosis and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are lacking. Therefore, this study identifies the effects of leptospirosis on the risks of developing ACS with a nationwide retrospective cohort study. METHODS We identified adult patients aged ≥20 years who were newly diagnosed with leptospirosis. We also(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension control is of the utmost importance for reducing cardiovascular risk. In Taiwan, the hypertension control rate of the general population is low (25%). We investigated the factors affecting outpatient hypertension control to determine whether the low control rate stems from clinician unawareness or inadequate public education. (More)
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