Yung-Hsiang Shawn Chang

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A series of map tasks were designed to investigate whether vowel contexts and prosodic prominence may affect the realizations of the alveolar and retroflex sibilants in Beijing Mandarin and Taiwan Mandarin. Results show that the realizations of the sibilants and their contrast varied by vowel context for most speakers, and were selectively subject to(More)
This study investigated the spectral distributions of Mandarin retroflexion produced by Beijing Mandarin and Taiwan Mandarin speakers. Results showed that Taiwan Mandarin speakers‟ retroflex production had a higher spectral mean than their Beijing Mandarin counterparts, yet the two groups‟ distributions overlapped to a certain degree. This indicates that(More)
The present study examined the cross-dialectal variability in perceptual patterns of the alveolarretroflex contrast, a critical feature often used to differentiate Beijing Mandarin from other dialects of Mandarin, such as Taiwan Mandarin. While previous research has focused on dialectally and contextually driven variation in alveolar and retroflex(More)
In Mandarin Chinese, there exist three pairs of voiceless alveolar and retroflex sibilants. Literature on Mandarin phonology generally prescribes a distinctive place contrast made in Beijing Mandarin, whereas a neutralization of the two categories is suggested for Taiwan Mandarin. However, some acoustic studies (e.g., Jeng 2006; Li 2009) have recently(More)
Previous socioperceptual research has shown that speech perception can be affected by listeners’ perceived dialect information of a speaker. While these studies have focused on vowels, the current study investigates whether similar dialect effects can be found in the perception of the Mandarin alveolarretroflex contrast, a feature that is often used to(More)
The global manufacturing development faces the new challenges including waste of resources, short delivery time, labor cost increase, short of labor, etc.. As a result, the overall industry environment of plastic materials manufacturing turns to focus on automatic production that enables manufacturing industry entering into the next phase so that production(More)
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common joint disease that causes disabilities in elderly. However, few agents with high efficacy and low side effects have been developed to treat OA. In this study, we evaluated the effects of the alginate extract named CTX in OA cell and rabbit models. CTX was formulated by hydrolyzing sodium alginate polymers with alginate lyase(More)
Serological surveys were made on individual sera of small animals trapped on Taiwan and offshore islands. The animals were shrews of the species Suncus murinus, and rats of the species Rattus rattus and R. norvegicus. The tests showed that on MaKung in the Peng-hu Islands (Pescadores), 66% of the shrews, 30% of the R. rattus and 15% of the R. norvegicus had(More)