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Extended Affine Lie Algebras and Their Root Systems
Covering extended affine Lie algebras and their root systems, this work is intended for graduate students, research mathematicians, and mathematical physicists interested in Lie theory.
Quantum Tori and the Structure of Elliptic Quasi-simple Lie Algebras
Abstract We study and classify those tame irreducible elliptic quasi-simple Lie algebras which are simply laced and of rankl⩾3. The first step is to identify the core of such an algebra up to central
The root system and the core of an extended affine Lie algebra
Abstract. Extended affine Lie algebras are higher nullity generalizations of finite dimensional simple Lie algebras and affine Kac Moody Lie algebras. In this paper we completely describe the
Lie algebras graded by the root systems BCr, r ≧ 2
Introduction The $\mathfrak{g}$-module decomposition of a $\mathrm{BC}_r$-graded Lie algebra, $r\ge 3$ (excluding type $\mathrm{D}_3)$ Models for $\mathrm{BC}_r$-graded Lie algebras, $r\ge 3$
Representations of Extended Affine Lie Algebras Coordinatized by Certain Quantum Tori
  • Yung Gao
  • Mathematics
    Compositio Mathematica
  • 1 August 2000
AbstractAn irreducible representation of the extended affine Lie algebra of type An-1 coordinatized by a quantum torus of ν variables is constructed by using the Fock space for the principal vertex
The alternative torus and the structure of elliptic quasi-simple Lie algebras of type ₂
We present the complete classification of the tame irreducible elliptic quasi-simple Lie algebras of type A2, and in particular, specialize on the case where the coordinates are not associative. Here
Central Quotients and Coverings of Steinberg Unitary Lie Algebras
Abstract In this paper, we calculate the center and the universal covering algebra of the Steinberg unitary Lie algebra stu n , where is a unital nonassociative algebra with involution and n ≥ 3.
The Second Leibniz Homology Group for Kac–Moody Lie Algebras
It is well known that the second homology group of any Kac–Moody Lie algebra and the Virasoro algebra is trivial. This is equivalent to saying that any Kac–Moody Lie algebra (or the Virasoro algebra)
Repeated root cyclic 𝔽q-linear codes over 𝔽ql