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The association of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) with subsequent cancer remains unclear. We investigated the risk of future cancer among tuberculosis (TB) contacts with or without subsequent TB activation. Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database, we conducted a nationwide population-based study. TB contacts during 1997 to 2012(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory responses from chronic infection might affect the brain and increase the risk of depressive disorder. However, the temporal association between chronic infection (eg, tuberculosis [TB]) and incident depressive disorder has not been prospectively evaluated. OBJECTIVE To determine the association of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and(More)
BACKGROUND Injecting drug users (IDUs) in Taiwan contributed significantly to an HIV/AIDS epidemic in 2005. In addition, studies that identified risk factors of HCV/HIV co-infection among IDUs were sparse. This study aimed to identify risk factors of HCV/HIV co-infection and HCV mono-infection, as compared with seronegativity, among injecting drug users(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effect of directly observed therapy (DOT) on tuberculosis-specific mortality and non-TB-specific mortality and identify prognostic factors associated with mortality among adults with culture-positive pulmonary TB (PTB). METHODS All adult Taiwanese with PTB in Taipei, Taiwan were included in a retrospective cohort study in(More)
Available evidence shows that metabolic syndrome (Mets) has clear adverse effects for middle-aged and pre-elderly adults; however, the effect of Mets on mortality among elderly adults remains unclear. In addition, the comparative utility of Mets and its component for predicting mortality among the elderly has not been clearly established. Using data from a(More)
BACKGROUND people with weakened immunity because of age or co-morbidities comprised the fastest growing portion of tuberculosis (TB). Higher mortality before or during TB treatment was observed. In spite of the increasing longevity worldwide, surveys focussing specifically on elderly TB are scarce. OBJECTIVE to identify prognostic factors of mortality(More)
BACKGROUND The association between body mass index and mortality in patients with tuberculosis has not been extensively studied, and the existing evidence is inconsistent. This study aimed to investigate the impact of body mass index on timing of death in patients with tuberculosis. METHODS All Taiwanese adults with tuberculosis in Taipei, Taiwan, were(More)
OBJECTIVES Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection might increase the risk of cardiovascular event. However, data on the link between incident stroke and co-infections of CMV and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are limited and inconsistent. This nationwide population-based cohort study analyzed the association of CMV end-organ disease and stroke among people(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) disease may be transmitted to close contacts of index cases, causing physical illness. No studies have investigated the risk of developing depressive disorder among TB contacts in a TB-endemic area.Adult participants with a new diagnosis of TB contact (ICD-9-CM codes V01.1 plus chest radiographic order) since January 1, 2008, were(More)
BACKGROUND Methadone treatment was introduced in Taiwan in 2006 as a harm-reduction program for injection drug users (IDUs), among whom HIV was endemic. We examined the association of HIV serostatus with demographic characteristics, substance use, and sexual behaviors among IDUs at methadone clinics in Taipei, Taiwan. METHODS During 2012-2013, IDUs at(More)
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