Yung-Fang Chen

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Blind space-time RAKE receivers for classical DS-CDMA that cancel strong multiuser access interference while optimally combining the desired user's multipath are presented. The delay spread is assumed to be fraction of a symbol interval as in the IS-95 CDMA standard. The post-correlation symbol interval is segmented into that which encompasses the RAKE(More)
In this paper, we propose a real-time subcarrier, bit, and power allocation algorithm for OFDM-based multiuser communication systems in downlink transmission. Assuming that base stations know the channel gains of all subcarriers of all users, the proposed loading algorithm tries to minimize the required transmit power while satisfying the rate requirement(More)
The development of a computer-based simulation for emergency response exercise training to facilitate trainees’ learning activities and learning outcomes is proposed. Some limitations in using these simulations in emergency services include a focus on small-scaled individual task training and highly controlled environments designed to measure trainees’(More)