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Production of high-quality products with lower cost and shorter time-to-market is an important challenge in the face of increased global competition, and reverse engineering plays an important role in accelerating product and process development. With the advent of new technologies such as network, multimedia and product data exchange standard STEP(More)
This paper describes the development of a virtual CNC controller. Controller is the major driver for a CNC machine. Similarly, virtual controller is the key driving component for a virtual CNC, which is a three-dimensional digitized physical CNC. A virtual CNC can exist in every PC serving as the complementary safer counterpart in lecturing and learning the(More)
TGF-β is a key modulator in the regulation of cell proliferation and migration, and is also involved in the process of cancer development and progression. Previous studies have indicated that TGF-β responsiveness is determined by TGF-β receptor partitioning between lipid raft/caveolae-mediated and clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Lipid raft/caveolae-mediated(More)
The concept of computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) is achievable. Since the 1980s, the need in developing the CSCW environment has been recognised by various researchers, such as behavioural scientists, computer scientists, application developers and users. However, most of them focused on the technical writing, text editing, and electronic mail(More)
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