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A study on the characteristics and microstructures of GGBS/FA based geopolymer paste and concrete
Abstract The purpose of this study is to focus on the durability of geopolymer concrete after nine months of an indoor and outdoor curing period. The geopolymer paste was prepared with fly ash andExpand
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A study on recovery of SiC from silicon wafer cutting slurry
The objective of this study is to recover SiC from silicon wafer cutting slurry using physical separation and acid/alkali purification processes. Hydrocyclone was used in the first-stage process toExpand
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Study on the treatment of BOF slag to replace fine aggregate in concrete
Abstract Excessive free lime in the BOF slag will react with water and causes serious expansion, and thus, results in its reutilization difficulty. In this study, scrubbing attrition and chelatingExpand
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Application of geopolymer paste for concrete repair
In this study, ground granulated blast furnace slag and coal fly ash were used as raw materials to prepare geopolymer paste as repair material for concrete structure. The functional properties, suchExpand
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A Study on Marble-Based Geopolymer
Cement manufacturing is one of the highest carbon dioxide emission industries. It releases 880 kg carbon dioxide for every ton of cement produced. In Taiwan, the carbon dioxide emission from cementExpand
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The synthesis of a gold nanodisk–molecular layer–gold film vertical structure: a molecular layer as the spacer for SERS hot spot investigations
The objective of this research is to conduct a systematic measurement of hot spots formed between a gold (Au) nanodisk and an Au film using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The dip-penExpand
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Geopolymer technology for the solidification of simulated ion exchange resins with radionuclides.
In this study, geopolymer was applied to convert ion exchange resins contaminated with radionuclides into a solid waste form. Geopolymer has superior properties to enable the encapsulation of spentExpand
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A study on the fabrication and functional properties of PET/rayon staple fiber products with ACC@Ag powders
In this study, the fabrication of nano-silver doped activated coir charcoal particles (ACC@Ag) was proposed using chemical reduction method. Certain amount of ACC@Ag was added into the spinningExpand
Towards a clean environment: The potential application of eco-friendly magnesia-silicate cement in CO2 sequestration
Abstract The key point of this study is the fabrication of magnesia-based cement with promising mechanical properties and high efficiency of CO2-capture. The naturally occurring volcanic ashes (whiteExpand
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Recycling Incinerator Fly Ash and Production of Geopolymer Green Cement
Incineration has become an important treating method for combustible solid wastes, especially in municipal areas due to the increasing difficulty to get suitable sites for traditional landfill. It isExpand