Yung-Cheng Su

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BACKGROUND It is known that the risk of dementia in patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is higher. However, the relationship between mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and dementia has never been established. OBJECTIVES We investigated the incidences of dementia among patients with mTBI in Taiwan to evaluate if there is higher(More)
BACKGROUND Dizziness and vertigo symptoms are commonly seen in emergency room (ER). However, these patients are often discharged without a definite diagnosis. Conflicting data regarding the vascular event risk among the dizziness or vertigo patients have been reported. This study aims to determine the risk of developing stroke or cardiovascular events in ER(More)
BACKGROUND Video laryngoscopes have been introduced in recent years as an alternative choice to facilitate tracheal intubation. We conducted a meta-analysis to assess their value when compared with direct laryngoscopy. METHODS PubMed and EMBASE were searched up until 24 September 2010. Randomised trials that reported data on the comparison of video(More)
BACKGROUND The intensive physical and psychological stress of emergency medicine has evoked concerns about whether emergency physicians could work in the emergency department for their entire careers. Results of previous studies of the attrition rates of emergency physicians are conflicting, but the study samples and designs were limited. OBJECTIVE To use(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between the use of medications potentially containing phthalates and urinary concentrations of specific phthalate metabolites around conception. METHODS Women enrolled in the Environment and Reproductive Health project from 2006 to 2009 completed questionnaires about the use of medications and provided multiple urine(More)
Rituximab enhances treatment efficacy of B-lineage lymphoma by targeting CD20+ B-cells. Such target therapies may compromise the immune system and render patients susceptible to opportunistic infections. We report 2 cases of lymphoma complicated with Pneumocystis jiroveci (previously known as P. carinii) pneumonia (PCP) while being treated with(More)
BACKGROUND The risk of acute pancreatitis in patients on long-term peritoneal dialysis is higher as compared to the general population. However, the relationship between long-term hemodialysis and acute pancreatitis has never been established. OBJECTIVES We investigated the incidence of acute pancreatitis among patients on long-term hemodialysis in Taiwan(More)
BACKGROUND Retinoic acid syndrome (RAS) is a potentially lethal complication during all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). The incidence and risk factors have been shown to vary in different series. In this study we want to establish the incidence of RAS in our hospital and try to elucidate factors that increase its(More)
BACKGROUND It is known that the risk of stroke in patients with traumatic brain injury might be increased. However, the relationship between mild traumatic brain injury and ischemic stroke has never been established. We conducted a study of patients in Taiwan with mild traumatic brain injury to evaluate if they had a higher risk of stroke compared with the(More)