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A recent trend in the techniques of digital image scrambling encryption is that the algorithms become more and more complex, but their performances are not improved much more. We presented a simple one-dimensional random scrambling method and applied it to image encryption. First, we transformed the image into a one-dimensional vector. And then we did the(More)
In this demo, we present ObjectSense, a scalable object recognition system that recognizes multiple objects present in a static image or in the camera frames. Instead of applying learning based recognition framework, this system identifies objects through Partial-Duplicate Image Retrieval (PDIR) based method. First, objects are identified by measuring the(More)
Images have a significant role in communication, entertainment and business etc. Images may convey confidential information, so various image encryption algorithms ensure security of secret images. The correlation coefficient in encrypted image is an important security criterion to measure the level of security of encrypted image. Various factors can affect(More)
In this paper, the blind separation of overdetermined mixtures is considered, i.e., the case where more sensors than sources are available. The contrast function for overdetermined blind source separation problem is studied, and the gradient of the contrast function is presented. Based on the gradient, a novel learning algorithm is proposed to solve the(More)
In this study, a new type hypocycloid mechanism with a special crank and a pair of additional planetary gears, distinct from a conventional mechanism, are presented. This new mechanism is applied to a single cylinder diesel engine for initial study, and the dynamic model of the new engine with hypocycloid mechanism is built based on virtual prototype(More)