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Prediction of transfer among multiple states of blood pressure based on Markov model: an 18-year cohort study
The multistate Markov model can be a useful tool to identify the rules of transition among multiple states of blood pressure and predict well prevalence of the normotension, prehypertension and hypertension in cohort populations. Expand
Visceral adiposity index as a predictor of NAFLD: A prospective study with 4‐year follow‐up
This study aimed to determine whether the VAI is an independent risk factor of NAFLD and whether there is a dose‐response relationship. Expand
Obesity-Related Genetic Variants and Hyperuricemia Risk in Chinese Men
The obesity-related SNP rs545854 was correlated with the serum uric acid level and risk of hyperuricemia in a male Chinese population, suggesting men carrying this SNP could benefit from limiting their meat consumption to prevent hyperuricaemia. Expand
Risk prediction model of dyslipidaemia over a 5-year period based on the Taiwan MJ health check-up longitudinal database
This model can help individuals assess the risk of dyslipidaemia and guide group surveillance in the community and can predict the development of dys Lipidaemia within 5 years. Expand
The association between serum vitamin D and inflammatory bowel disease
Serum vitamin D levels were significantly lower with aggravating disease status and vitamin D may be involved in the development of inflammatory bowel disease in a Chinese population. Expand
Analysis of risk factors of metabolic syndrome using a structural equation model: a cohort study
Socioeconomic status, living habits, components of metabolic syndrome (COMetS), and blood pressure had a diverse impact on the onset of MetS, directly and indirectly when investigating the latent risk factors and the interrelations between different risk factors. Expand
A dose-response analysis on the association of body mass index and hyperuricemia among physical examination aged 30-60 adults in a hospital in Beijing
A non-linear relationship is found in male and a linear relationship was found in female in the continuous change in BMI and hyperuricemia among aged 30-60 adults in Beijing. Expand
Physique Characteristics of Ethnic Archers Based on R-cluster Matrix
Object: the R cluster matrix analysis is used in this research which to explore the correlation of body shape, body composition, physical function and body function of male Xibo ethnic archers inExpand