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Continuous self-assembly of organic–inorganic nanocomposite coatings that mimic nacre
Nanocomposite materials are widespread in biological systems. Perhaps the most studied is the nacre of abalone shell, an orientated coating composed of alternating layers of aragonite (CaCO3) and aExpand
Rapid prototyping of patterned functional nanostructures
This work combines silica–surfactant self-assembly with three rapid printing procedures—pen lithography, ink-jet printing, and dip-coating of patterned self-assembled monolayers—to form functional, hierarchically organized structures in seconds. Expand
Deregulation and The Religious Market in Taiwan: A Research Note
The religious economy model predicts that when encountered with competition, loosely organized religions will fail or will be transformed into congregational religions. Over time, competition willExpand
Imaging brain source extent from EEG/MEG by means of an iteratively reweighted edge sparsity minimization (IRES) strategy
It is shown that IRES provides extended solutions which not only localize the source but also provide estimation for the source extent, and a good concordance between noninvasive IRES source estimation with iEEG and surgical resection outcomes in the same patients is demonstrated. Expand
The Transformation of Yiguan Dao in Taiwan: Adapting to a Changing Religious Economy
by Li and Sadoi, and this is, perhaps, what motivates one to read their work. Sadoi examines the process of technology transfer from foreign to local firms in China and compares the experience ofExpand
Noninvasive Imaging of the High Frequency Brain Activity in Focal Epilepsy Patients
It is demonstrated, for the first time, that source imaging from the scalp HF activity could help to localize the seizure onset zone and provide a novel noninvasive way of studying the epileptic brain in humans. Expand
A 10-A High-Precision DC Current Source With Stability Better Than 0.1 ppm/h
The strict current equation is obtained of the MOSFET-based voltage-controlled current source and the principle, design, and measurement of a 10-A highly stable dc current source is described. Expand
Absolute Position Sensing Based on a Robust Differential Capacitive Sensor with a Grounded Shield Window
A simple differential capacitive sensor is provided in this paper to measure the absolute positions of length measuring systems by utilizing a shield window inside the differential capacitor, and it has a sensitivity of 2 × 10−4 pF/μm with 0.08 μm resolution. Expand
Entrepreneurial logics and the evolution of Falun Gong
This article documents the shift of Falun Gong from a primarily secular healing system to a new religion centering on salvation. Emerging as a qigong organization in China in the early 1990s thatExpand
Self-assembly of mesoscopically ordered chromatic polydiacetylene/silica nanocomposites
The self-assembly of conjugated polymer/silica nanocomposite films with hexagonal, cubic or lamellar mesoscopic order using polymerizable amphiphilic diacetylene molecules as both structure-directing agents and monomers is reported. Expand