Yunfei Fu

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Spatial features of rain frequency change and pollution and associated aerosols, Atmos. Can climate sensitivity be estimated from short-term relationships of top-of-atmosphere net radiation and surface temperature? Spatial features of rain frequency change induced by pollution and associated aerosols, Atmos. Detailed cloud resolving model simulations of the(More)
Many studies have reported on the trends of precipitation in Mid-Eastern China (EC). However, the trends of convective and stratiform precipitation are still unknown. Here, we examine the trends of summer convective and stratiform precipitation in EC from 2002 to 2012 on the basis of the TRMM observations. Results revealed that the rain frequency (RF) for(More)
To study the impact of cloud liquid water on passive microwave snowfall remote sensing, we analyzed 4 years of liquid water path data retrieved from microwave radiometer on Aqua satellite that are collocated with CloudSat snowfall observations. Results showed that cloud liquid water commonly occurs in snowing clouds (2-m air temperature lower than 2C);(More)
—Ice water path (IWP) is an important parameter to characterize tropical cyclones. The FY-3B satellite, with multiple passive microwave sensors onboard, offers a unique opportunity to monitor the variation of cloud IWP during the evolution of tropical cyclones. In this paper, by using the combined simultaneous measurements of the MicroWave atmospheric(More)
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