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Many studies have reported on the trends of precipitation in Mid-Eastern China (EC). However, the trends of convective and stratiform precipitation are still unknown. Here, we examine the trends of summer convective and stratiform precipitation in EC from 2002 to 2012 on the basis of the TRMM observations. Results revealed that the rain frequency (RF) for(More)
A silicon arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) with low channel crosstalk was demonstrated by using ultra-short parabolic tapers to connect the AWG's free propagation regions and single-mode waveguides. The tapers satisfied the requirements of low-loss mode conversion and lower channel crosstalk from the coupling of neighboring waveguides in the AWGs. In this(More)
The convective atmospheric boundary layer was modeled in the water tank. In the entrainment zone (EZ), which is at the top of the convective boundary layer (CBL), the turbulence is anisotropic. An anisotropy coefficient was introduced in the presented anisotropic turbulence model. A laser beam was set to horizontally go through the EZ modeled in the water(More)
Ice water path (IWP) is an important parameter to characterize tropical cyclones. The FY-3B satellite, with multiple passive microwave sensors onboard, offers a unique opportunity to monitor the variation of cloud IWP during the evolution of tropical cyclones. In this paper, by using the combined simultaneous measurements of the MicroWave atmospheric(More)
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