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The irradiation response of a DC-DC power converter was studied. During the test, the characteristic parameter of DC-DC power converter such as input current and output voltage increased slowly with empty load, and DC-DC power converter was unsteady and the characteristic parameter was strongly influenced by the total-dose when fully loaded. It was(More)
This work aims to characterize the microstructure and temperature field of the hermetic packaging structure by welding the cover made of Kovar alloy and the base made of a low-carbon low-alloy steel (i.e., #10 steel) using parallel seam welding (PSW) process. The microstructure of welded joints and distribution of elements were analyzed by scanning electron(More)
The lithium-sulfur (Li-S) rechargeable battery has the benefit of high gravimetric energy density and low cost. Significant research currently focuses on increasing the sulfur loading and sulfur/inactive-materials ratio, to improve life and capacity. Inspired by nature's ant-nest structure, this research results in a novel Li-S electrode that is designed to(More)
Space traveling wave tube (TWT) is one kind of microwave vacuum tube for communication, which must have high reliability, high power. The life of the space TWT is requested for a long lifetime of 10–15 years. In order to shorten the testing process, accelerated aging tests are performed at higher than normal operating temperature and currents of(More)
In this work, we report on the effects of reverse gate bias step stress on the degradation of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), consisting of a decrease in the drain current (I<sub>DS</sub>) and an increase in channel resistance (R<sub>on</sub>). It was found that these degradations were accompanied with an anomalous decrease of gate(More)
Single event effects (SEE) in two commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM) technologies were investigated by heavy ions and pulsed laser irradiation. At least six SEE types were observed. The majority of the errors were caused by anomalies in the peripheral circuit, which was confirmed by the mirror SRAM technique,(More)
The failure rate for NMOS devices is modelled by sum-of-failure-rate, i.e., the one for HCI mechanism and the one for TDDB failure mechanism. The least squares method is used to estimate the unknown parameters in HCI failure rate model and TDDB failure rate model, respectively. The hypothesis tests show that the regression model for HCI (TDDB) has good(More)
A prognostic circuit for electromigration failure of integrated circuit was proposed, and it was simulated on the base of the SMIC 0.18 um mixed-signal CMOS process model. The prognostic circuit is composed of stress and detection module, two-stage comparator, offset voltage cancellation module, non-overlapping clock generation module, and output module.(More)