Yunes Panahi

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BACKGROUND Unlike civilian post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the efficacy of sertraline for the treatment of combat-related PTSD has not yet been proven. The present study aimed to evaluate the clinical efficacy of sertraline against combat-related PTSD in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. METHOD Seventy Iranian veterans of the(More)
BACKGROUND Sulfur mustard (SM) is a blister-forming agent that has been used as a chemical weapon. Sulfur mustard can cause damage in various organs, especially the skin, respiratory system, and eyes. Generally, the multiple complications of mustard gas result from its alkalizing potency; it reacts with cellular components like DNA, RNA, proteins, and lipid(More)
INTRODUCTION Diaper dermatitis (DD) is a common inflammatory disorder among children and infants. The objective of the present randomized and double-blind trial was to compare the therapeutic efficacies of aloe vera cream and Calendula officinalis ointment on the frequency and severity of DD in children. METHODS Sixty-six infants with DD (aged < 3 years)(More)
According to significant improvements in the tissue engineering field over the past several years, lung tissue cells have recently attracted more attention due to the high prevalence and diversity in related diseases. However, selection of an appropriate cell type, screening of suitable conditions for growth and proliferation, as well as subsequent(More)
Malpractice in preparation and administration of intravenous (IV) medications has been reported frequently. Inadequate knowledge of nurses has been reported as a cause of such errors. We aimed to evaluate the role of nurses' education via installation of wall posters and giving informative pamphlets in reducing the errors in preparation and administration(More)
SUBJECTIVES Prevalence of benign joint hypermobility syndrome (BJHMS) without systemic disease seems to be high in children. Little literature is currently available related to urinary tract diseases in patients with BJHMS. Here, we report an association between the urinary tract disease and BJHMS. METHODS We conducted a prospective case series study of(More)
BACKGROUND Neisseria meninigitidis is one of the most frequently encountered microorganisms associated with central nervous system infections. The aim of this study was to evaluate a PCR-based assay for specific and rapid detection of N. meninigitidis in CSF specimens. METHODS Since April 2002 to July 2006, 130 CSF specimens were collected from patients(More)
BACKGROUND Despite all the progress in surgical science, bleeding caused by traffic accidents is still one of the challenges surgeons face in saving patients' lives. Therefore, introducing an effective method to control external bleeding is an important research priority. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to compare the hemostatic effect of aluminum chloride(More)
This present trial investigated the efficacy of supplementation with Chlorella vulgaris, a bioactive microalga rich in macro- and micronutrients, in the improvement of biochemical and clinical symptoms in patients with obstructive pulmonary disorders. Ninety-seven patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma who were under(More)
BACKGROUND Oral mucositis is one of the common complications of cancer chemotherapy and about 40% of the patients who take chemotherapy protocols, experience this irritating problem. The purpose of this study was to draw comparison between the therapeutic effects of our treatment modalities (topical steroid, honey, honey plus coffee) in patients suffering(More)