Yunchuan Qin

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In this paper, we apply a protective strategy to the AES encryption algorithm. In order to reduce power consumption and correlation in the process of arithmetic operations, we change the trigger number and location in the hardware implementation by modifying the structure of the algorithm. Through the simulation platform, our Advanced Encryption Standard(More)
Finite-impulse response (FIR) Filter is widely used in wireless sensor networks as a signal pre-processing step. Because sensor nodes require a long working periods and ultra-low cost, traditional FIR structures are inapplicable as multipliers occupy too much die size for such node's chips. This paper proposes novel FIR filter structures used in the design(More)
Security is a crucial issue for many wireless sensor networks and firewall is an approach adopted by such WSNs. With the complexity of wireless sensor networks increasing faster and faster, rules are more complicated than traditional computer network. The detection and resolution of the rule conflict become a challenging aspect for such networks. This paper(More)
Task scheduling is an essential aspect of parallel process system. Most heuristics for this NP-hard problem assume fully connected homogeneous processors and ignore contention on the communication links. Actually, contention for communication resources has a strong influence on the execution time of a parallel program in arbitrary network topology(More)
The cloud data center provide powerful computing environment, but in practice the average utilization of cloud servers is very low. The problem of how to schedule the resources in cloud computing when loads in the virtual machines are heavy. In this paper, a dynamic forecast schedule algorithm is introduced. The management algorithm(VM-DFM) reduces the(More)
Cloud service, is being widely deployed on virtualized resources, with its dynamic scalability and availability in the past few years. With the exponential increase of such service, how to choose the suitable deployed service to satisfy the consumer's utility-maximization becomes crucial. In this paper we propose a mathematical model addressing the problem(More)
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