Yunchuan Guo

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Cyber attacks prediction is an important part of risk management. Existing cyber attacks prediction methods did not fully consider the specific environment factors of the target network, which may make the results deviate from the true situation. In this paper, we propose a cyber attacks prediction model based on Bayesian network. We use attack graphs to(More)
In mobile networks, cooperative authentication is an efficient way to recognize false identities and messages. However, an attacker can track the location of cooperative mobile nodes by monitoring their communications. Moreover, mobile nodes consume their own resources when cooperating with other nodes in the process of authentication. These two factors(More)
Flooding of harmful information on the Internet seriously endangers the physiological and mental health of teenagers. Due to the user-friendliness of the Internet as well as the difficulty in the authentication for the access of specific categories of information, curbing the transmission of harmful information, i.e., assuring the information content(More)
In the IoT (Internet of Things), inconsistent ACP (Access Control Policies) would cause disastrous consequences, for example, fire disasters and failures of cardiac pacemakers, as a result, ACP should be verified before they are applied. Tediousness and error-proneness of manual verifications make automatic and formal verification necessary. In this paper,(More)
Access control is a key technology in providing security in the Internet of Things (IoT). The mainstream security approach proposed for the sensing layer of the IoT concentrates only on authentication while ignoring the more general models. Unreliable communications and resource constraints make the traditional access control techniques barely meet the(More)
Traditional information security models focus on protecting information or information systems. There is little research on controllability of information content security. We present the network reference monitor (NRM) for access control in Internet environment firstly. Then we propose the definition of network reference monitor and Internet information(More)