Yuncheng Zhu

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It becomes apparent that content should be center to the model of information access in the current Internet, which results in research efforts been put together as content-oriented network architectures. In light of our observation that in practice it is not feasible to replace the current Internet architecture with a clean-slate one and that it is the(More)
The prefrontal cortex is the superlative structure of brain that needs the longest developmental and maturational duration that highlights the region of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in neuroimaging studies. Prefrontal cortex functions generate enormously complex and its abundant feedback neurocircuitries with subcortical structures such(More)
—IP multicast originally works in Any Source Multi-cast (ASM) that comes with great burden and dynamics on the backbone routers and weakness in inter-domain scalability. It also brought serious security and management problems. In contrast, Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) has been recognized as a simple, scalable and secure method, especially in(More)
—IPv4 addresses will be soon exhausted while more and more users are pouring into the Internet. It is commonly understood that IPv6 is definitely necessary for connecting new users, but lack of resources in current IPv6 world discourages providers from developing their IPv6 market. Address and packet translations are considered necessary for Internet(More)