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Facial expression identifies the basic human emotions. It helps to tell the person by watching the image whether the person is actually telling the truth about what he is claiming or not. Human emotions detection is used in human computer interaction, military, law-enforcements, for autistic people and robotics etc. No one thought that detecting human(More)
The first electrochemical sensors responsive towards polyionic heparin and protamine - two clinically important polymeric drugs - have been fully developed. The response mechanism of these sensors has been completely elucidated. As well as their significance in measuring blood heparin levels in clinically relevant concentration ranges, these polyion sensors(More)
The photosensitized hole injection and guanine base damage phenomena have been investigated in the DNA sequence, 5′-d(CATG1CG2TCCTAC) with a site-specifically positioned pyrene-like (Py) benzo[a]pyrene 7,8-diol 9,10-epoxide – derived N2-guanine adduct (G1). Generation of the Py radical cation and subsequent hole injection into the DNA strand by a 355 nm(More)
Considering analysis of localization algorithm in wireless sensor networks ,and problem of lager error in Distance Vector-Hop(DV-hop)localization algorithm is mainly due to the estimation error of the distance between unknown nodes and anchor nodes, a localization algorithm based on error correction and multi-hop is proposed to reduce location error. The(More)
The recent global financial crisis has been marked by prolonged deep recessions in advanced countries. Academic researchers and policy makers have devoted much of their time and efforts to understand the effectiveness and consequences on emerging countries of non-standard macroeconomic policies adopted by advanced countries. The main goal of the annual(More)
Age is an important trait used for identity authentication. The factors that affect aging process include a person’s gene, health, living style etc. Age Estimation is predicting a person’s age. Out of these, face is the most convenient one. Age Estimation has lots of real-world applications, such as security control, biometrics, customer relationship(More)