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Preparation and application of magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles for wastewater purification
Abstract Fe 3 O 4 magnetic nanoparticles with different average sizes were synthesized and structural characterizations showed that the three kinds of nanoparticles had different sizes, i.e., anExpand
Effects of seasonal succession and water pollution on the protozoan community structure in an eutrophic lake.
It is concluded that the key factors driving the change in protozoa community composition in Lake Donghu was water qualities rather than seasons. Expand
Antibiotics in surface water and sediments from Hanjiang River, Central China: Occurrence, behavior and risk assessment.
Phase partition of antibiotics between water and sediments suggested a greater affinity of TETs and FQs to sediments and risk assessment indicated that the hazard quotients of antibiotics were higher in the sediment than those in the water. Expand
Phylogenetic Relationships of the Subclass Peritrichia (Oligohymenophorea, Ciliophora) Inferred from Small Subunit rRNA Gene Sequences1
The phylogenetic relationships among peritrichs remain unresolved and trees were constructed using distance-matrix, maximum-likelihood and maximum-parsimony methods, all of which strongly supported the monophyly of the subclass Peritrichia. Expand
Freshwater Testate Amoebae of Nine Yunnan Plateau Lakes, China
The results suggest that the lake trophic status plays an important role in shaping community structure and in determining species diversity of testate amoebae. Expand
Soil protozoa in typical zones of China: I. Faunal characteristics and distribution of species
The distribution of species and the analyses of faunal similarity showed that most species of soil protozoa were neither cosmoplitans nor ubiquists, they were restricted to certain zones and to certain types of habitat. Expand
Concentrations, Distribution, and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the East Dongting and Honghu Lake, China
Eight heavy metals including Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Cd, Hg, and Pb were investigated in surface water and sediments from a river-connected and a river-disconnected lakes (East Dongting Lake and theExpand
Estimation of the natural purification rate of a eutrophic lake after pollutant removal
Pollution resulting from increased human activities is threatening Lake Donghu, its effects being characterized by serious eutrophication. A steady increase of phosphorus loading is the mostExpand
Phylogenetic relationships among Trichodinidae [Ciliophora: Peritricha] derived from the characteristic values of denticles
The evolutionary trend of the denticle is discussed and it is concluded that the denticles of the adhesive disc should be an apomorphic feature of the trichodinids and their changes could reflect the evolutionary tendencies of these ciliates. Expand
Development of a biotic index using the correlation of protozoan communities with chemical water quality
Abstract A method of comparing data on protozoan communities with chemical parameters is presented. Using data from an extensive survey of the River Hanjiang in China, each species of protozoa hasExpand