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Survey of Clinical Medical Personnel Satisfaction and Analysis of Medical Record Service
To improve the medical record management in the new situation and to improve the level of medical record service, the following three aspects need to be considered: raise themedical record consciousness among the clinical medical staff; change the passive service model, and develop and utilize medical record informat...
The Effect of Proactive Personality on College Students’ Career Decision-Making Difficulties: Moderating and Mediating Effects
To investigate the influence of proactive personality on the process and difficulties of college students’ career decision-making, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 1540 college students. The
Engineering cognition oriented cultivation method of innovative quality based on learning-by-doing
The innovative quality cultivation method, "laying the foundation, learning by doing, CDIO", has been proposed, which is engineering cognition oriented and has achieved preliminary results.
Notice of RetractionA promising curriculum model
  • Yun Kong, Yun Zhou
  • Psychology
    International Conference on Educational and…
  • 25 October 2010
Science education models for secondary students have been dominated by classroom-based approaches. Recently, the student scientist apprenticeship model wherein learners worked with teachers on
Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of College Students ' Ideological Education in the Network Era
The influence of Internet on college students is various. The current situation, existing problems, basic ideas to solve them and the influence of Internet era on the content of College Students'
A Study on Reticence in College EFL Classrooms: The Role of Diffusion of Responsibility
The absence of students’ willingness for classroom participation is known to lead to a lose-lose situation where teaching schedules are disrupted, teachers lose enthusiasm, and students hardly learn
Study on Industrial Information Service of Libraries of Higher Vocational Colleges
The exertion of the service function of libraries for society, industries and enterprises can be a very good point to give expression to a new leapfrog development of the demonstration higher
Analysis of Boyer's Academic Ecological View and its Practical Significance on the Basis of the Diverse Academic
This thesis aimed at Boyer academic thought, from the perspectives of multiple academic Boyer 's ecological view and its practical significance, and predicts a new academic ecology in the 90 s.
Comparison Analysis of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum among Universities in China, US and Europe
University education is a basic stage of engineers’ cultivation. The purpose of this paper is to draw instructive conclusions by analyzing differences between Chinese and foreign universities on